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Shanghai Jiufeng Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., established in 1992, is a private company specialized in production and processing of cold extrusion products and R&D of cold extrusion technology.

Our company is one of pilot enterprises in patent operation of Qingpu district. We have 2 patents of invention and 8 patents of utility models. Jiufeng is registered in Huaxin Town, with registered capital of RMB 4 million. Jiufeng has its own factory with the area of 20000㎡, and its workshop area is about 8000㎡. We have over 150 employees, among who more than 10 are medium and high level technicians.

Our chairman Mr. Xie Huamin was at Shanghai Jiaotong University who had over 10 years experience in cold extrusion researching, with rich operation experience and solid theory basis.

We have 24 press machines in various kinds, 5 of these are exclusively for cold extrusion, and the largest one is 800T. We have our own mold workshop of cold extrusion, all kinds of exact and tooth-shaped moulds apply with hard alloy so that products have high revision, long lifespan and steady size.

The annual output of cold extrusion pieces exceeds 10 million. All kinds of specification in car include micro-car in-out transmission shafts, light truck drive shafts, hydraulic power steering pinion shafts, EPS (Electric Power Steering) input shafts and output shafts, and track pins, etc.

Mainly products: Hydraulic power steering pinion shaft: annual output 2 million pieces. Automotive oil pump shaft: annual output 1.5 million.

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