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The spline shaft's extrusion
The longest spline shaft in 768mm; the largest forging part in 8kg.
Extra spline: can be extruded to length of 718mm.
Spiral spline: Some of the spline with spiral angle.

One-way deep cold extrusion
As the deep cold extrusion unidirectional cold extrusion is the difficulty, the general conditions and deep hole diameter is less than 2.5:1, material generally is the low carbon steel. We could make the use of special mold structure as a special mold materials, the development of special cold extrusion technology, and achieve a deep hole diameter ratio to 5:1, or even higher, for about more than double the normal standards, but we will wxceed the scope of low carbon steel, which will be successfully applied in the deep cold extrusion forming one-way.
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